Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Objective 8: Demonstrate correct care and safe use of instruments, equipment, and living organisms

The lab portion of our class is what really helped me understand how to correctly and safely use instruments and equipment, even though I've had previous experience in lab from Anatomy and Physiology 1 at U.S.C.B.. We didn't use any living organisms during time in lab this semester, but if we did I'm sure that we would have handled them respectfully and with care so that we would not harm them in any way. In Anatomy and Physiology 1, I was taught how to correctly and safely use the microscope, instruments, and other equipment that was required to perform the labs. Our professor made sure that our class not only used the instruments and equipment right, but that we used gloves, goggles and aprons when they were needed. For the cat dissection, I made sure that I followed our lab manual step by step so I was able to complete each portion correctly and observe the veins, arteries and organs that the lab manual told me to locate. After each lab was completed, I took the instruments and dissecting tray to the sink and made sure that each one was cleaned very good with soap and water and dried them very well. Then I made sure that my work station was wiped down with bleach before I left lab.

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