Saturday, April 30, 2011

Objective 74: Distinguish between diploid germ cells and haploid sex cells

Understanding mitosis and meiosis has always been an ongoing battle for me. For some reason when I first learned this concept I always got the two mixed up. I found this chart from chapter 26 page 899 that helped me in figuring out the differences between the diploid cell and the haploid cell. Well, I couldn't get a good picture of it from my camera ( I don't have a scanner) so I used the photo from the lecture outlines, but the photo and information is still the same. I promise. This photo also severed a double purpose because it helps me understand mitosis and meiosis. It never hurts to learn extra information!

So, basically the two cells go like this.

Diploid= Double. There are 46 chromosomes in each diploid cell
Haploid=Half. There are 23 chromosomes in each haploid cell

Through fertilization,  two haploid cells combine to produce a zygote. The zygote has now two sets of 23 chromosomes. So 23+23= 46. The zygote now has 46 chromosomes and is a diploid cell. I'm glad that I finally figured out the difference between the diploid and haploid cells. All I seemed to need was a little math.

This video also reinforces the information that the textbook and class lectures gave me about diploid and haploid cells. Still, having an animated diagram allows me to have a visual to remember the information by.

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