Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Objective 2 & 6: Thinking and communication skills

Objective 2: Apply critical and integrated thinking skills
Objective 6: Use written and oral communication skills to explain scientific concepts

This Anatomy and Physiology II class as a whole allowed me to use both these objectives every day. In the beginning of each lecture, our class had to complete recitation questions that allowed us to apply our critical and integrated thinking skills on the section that we were learning. We not only had to use the information from the section that we were learning in lecture, but we had to think back and remember information from previous sections and classes. Once we had the questions, we had to write answers down and discuss the questions with our classmates so we could figure out an answer and make sure that we understood the concept correctly. This method was very helpful because I had to use the textbook and use the information I learned from previous body systems and relate them to the question being asked. Being able to discuss with my class allowed me to use my oral communication skill, and also helped me understand some topics at time when I had no idea what the question was asking. Our lab time also assisted me with thinking and communication skills. I worked together and communicated with my group to understand and get our labs done. We discussed the lab questions together and relied on each other to figure out the answers. This e-portfolio is also another example of me having to use my thinking and communication skills. All of these objectives allow me to use my critical and integrated thinking skill and I am able to use my written communication when I report how I learned the information. I used oral skill in the process of this e-portfolio because I discussed with my classmates certain objectives that I was having trouble with and was able to get their input.

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