Friday, April 15, 2011

Objective 50: Demonstrate spirometer use and examine spirogram data

The PhysioEx Lab experiment for Chapter 22: Respiratory System was very long and boring at times, but it really did help me to understand how to use a spirometer and read its data. Before completing the PhysioEx lab, the book's website gives you a small video demonstrating the use of a water-filled spirometer which is extremely helpful. The video showed the use of the spirometer with normal breathing, and also with obstructed breathing. At the end, he shows the data results and explains briefly on how to read them. The short video and the PhysioEx lab itself helped me learn the use of the spirometer because I was able to enter the information and watch the spirometer record the information. I was also able to compare how different factors compared breathing and manipulate certain variables to view the different results. Although these labs were long, they in the long run are very beneficial.

                       Here is a screen shot of the spirometer use in the PhysioEx lab.

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