Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Objective 17,18, 19: List and describe functions, physical characteristics and components of blood

17: List and describe the functions of blood

I learned the functions of the blood from Chapter 16: Blood  in our text book on pages 552-553. The three paragraphs were short, but descriptive. They were written in simple terms so it wasn't hard for me to understand and learn them.

This short video How the Body Works: The Functions of Blood from youtube.com was also helpful in learning the functions of blood. It is not as elaborate as the text in our textbook, but it hits alot of key points about the functions of blood that are important to know.

18: List the principal physical characteristics of blood

Our textbook for the course was what helped me understand the characteristics of the blood. This paragraph includes all the important physical characteristics of blood, and it is to the point which makes it easy to comprehend. I searched the internet for other cites to help me understand the characteristics of blood better, but I believe the textbook was the best source of the information because it was all there in a couple of paragraphs.

19: Describe the principal components of blood

This photo was extremely helpful when trying to understand the principal components of the blood. The photo breaks it down for you and I was able to see the percentage of the plasma and formed elements that the blood consists of. The photo was also helpful in telling me the certain types of proteins, solutes, and white blood cells that are in the blood and what their percentages are in the blood.

I found this video from Youtube that was very interesting and fun to listen to. The creater teaches important characteristics and apects of the blood using catchy music and lyrics that you can't help listening to. It briefly goes over many blood objectives in this portfolio, and it aided me in understanding the blood better.

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