Saturday, April 23, 2011

Objective 55: Trace the path of blood flow through the kidneys

This diagram found on page 840 of our textbook was very helpful in learning the path of the blood flow through the kidneys. It is a very simple diagram, but it isn't confusing and it is very easy to remember. I am able to learn the concept better if there happens to be a diagram included, instead of just reading the words from the text book so I was happy when I came across this. It shows the path of blood as journeys through one of the kidney's lobes and it continues the cycle until it gets to the last lobe. I also was able to locate a YouTube video of a girl showing and explaining the path of the blood flow through the kidneys on a model in her class. This is helpful because I not only can read the chart, but I can hear someone explaining it to me while showing me on a model. This helped my visual learning. For some reason I thought that the blood flow through the kidneys would have been a more complicated one, but I'm relieved to find out that it is relatively simple. That helps me out tremendously.


  1. your flow chart was the only correct thing that helped after I've been searching for answers for almost an hour!

  2. What about the interlobular artery and vein?