Saturday, April 16, 2011

Objective 59: Appreciate the microscopic anatomy of the liver

During lab, our class was asked to look at different slides of tissues and organs for each chapter. So when we get to the Digestive system, our class was asked to look at the slide of the liver during lab and this is where I was able to view and appreciate the microscopic anatomy of the liver. During lab, I was able to view the slide of the liver under 100X and 400X and examine the different parts and structures that the liver had. It is always a little difficult for me to find out exactly where each important part is when looking at the slide, so it was extremely helpful to have the Practice Anatomy Lab which is included in the books website. So along with viewing the slides in lab, the Practive Anatomy Lab online was very helpful when i was trying to understand the microscopic parts of the liver. When you put your mouse of the parts of the liver, the online lab shows you what the part is called (for example each lobe is called the liver lobule and the circle in the middle of each lobe is the central vein) and even highlights it for you which really contributed to my understanding of the microscopic liver. The Practice Anatomy Labs were really a lifesafer for me when it came to lab slides.

An example of a liver slide

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