Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Objective 23 & 24: Vessels and Structure of the Heart

23: Identify major vessels entering and leaving the heart
24: Describe the structures of the heart

Anterior View

Posterior View

Interior Structure

Dissecting the heart in lab
When trying to learn the major vessels and structures of the heart, it was very beneficial for me to view diagrams of the anterior, posterior and internal structures of the heart. Viewing the diagrams allowed me to see the major vessels that are entering and leaving the heart and also allowed me to see the structures of the heart because of how the diagrams were labeled. Another way that helped me understand the heart better was dissection in lab. When i was able to cut into the heart and see the structures of it with my own eyes, it made it easier to remember. It was also interesting because I was able to put my forcepts through the heart vessels and see the chambers it entered and where the vessel exited the heart.

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