Sunday, May 1, 2011

Objective 78: Distinguish among the different parts (gross and histological) of the alimentary canal in terms of structure and function

Again, the Interactive Physiology section of our textbook's website is absolutely amazing! This animated review not only goes over the structure of the alimentary canal, but it goes over the functions as well. This review allowed me to interact with the alimentary canal because I could click my mouse over certain organs and the review goes into detail about the functions of it and shows its internal structures. I don't know how many times I referred to this site to help me on my quest of completing these objectives, but I'm glad that our textbook provided it. I would have been so lost without this site, but the textbook and class lectures were also very helpful in my understanding of this important body system.

The histology portion is something that I still can't wrap my head around. Hopefully one day the information will just make sense, but as of now I'm totally clueless in front of the microscope. For some reason I can't tell one thing from another and it is very frustrating. The same Histology site that I used for respiratory system was great in helping me understand the alimentary canal as well.