Monday, May 2, 2011

Objective 1: Understand overall body homeostasis with specific regard given to the effects of aging and stress on each system

I had to refer way back to chapter 1 page 8 to remember the exact defination of homeostasis. The book states: homeostasis is a dynamic state of equilibrium, where every organ system plays a role in maintaining the balance of the internal enviroment. Homeostasis consists of a control center that analyzes any stimuli that the body may come across and acts accordingly to make sure the body maintains it homestatic state. The body uses negative and positive feedback mechanisms controls in response to stimuli that knocks our bodies balance off. Each organ system works closely together with its own unique functions to allow our bodies to stay in harmony. So we have this body in perfect harmony, but what effect does stress and aging have on the body?

The textbook really doesn't have an exact answer for the effects of stress and aging on each body system, so I had to take my search elsewhere. I found this site about the effects of stress on each body system on a stress relief site called I know first hand that stress can do major damage to our body systems. I take one of my older sisters for example. She's a very anxious person, which causes her to get stressed out over EVERY little thing. I'm not exaggerating, I mean everything makes her freak out. She's always worried about bills, relationship problems, money problems, and she believes that everything bad happens to her. So she stress herself out so bad that she is always constantly sick, and it's usually for weeks at a time. That can't be good for her body. But this makes complete sense because stress has an effect on lowering our immunity. This explains why she is always sick.

I found a blog called The effects of aging on the body systems which gave me some very useful information on how aging effects the body systems, just like the title of the article states. But the effects of aging on the body system is something I see first hand at work every day. I work as a C.N.A out at a new nursing home called NHC on Okatie Hwy, and I have been working as a C.N.A for almost a year now. So aging on the body system is something that I see and deal with everyday. Not to mention, I take care of an Alzheimer's resident during the day and I can see how aging and disease has affected him. When our body ages, our skin becomes thin and continence becomes a thing of the past. There may be pains in joints that were never there when you younger, and vision is not as sharp as it used to be. Everyday I help take care of people who can no longer stand up because of arthritis, or change briefs because they are no longer able to tell when they have to go. So this part of the objective is very familar to me because I am around aging and its effects on our body systems all the time.